Friday, November 28, 2008

Hajj, 1429

Tomorrow is the first day of the twelfth month (Dhu al-Hijjah)of the Hijri (Islamic)Calendar, which means that Hajj (Pilgrimage)season has just begun. In this time of the year, some Muslims prepare to perform the last pillar of Islam. They go to Makkah (the Holy Land) to visit Kaabah and ask Allah for forgiveness and mercy. It is a journey to purify the soul, the heart and the mind...
The eighth day of this month is know as Mina day. The ninth day of this month is known as Arafah day where all pilgrims spend the day on the Mount Arafat from dawn to sunset. The tenth day is the Adha Eid (the Greater Barium)where Muslims sacrifice sheep to Allah and to celebrate what He has given us.
Hajj Mabrour to all of you...

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