Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Knowledge: Subjective OR Objective?!

It has always been claimed that knowledge is objective, that is, it is based on facts without being biased towards or against someone, a people, a country, a history of a nation; and is not subjective, that is, it is not based on facts, and being so biased towards or against someone, a people, a country, a history of a nation.

Yet, the truth of the matter is, as I searched and researched in different internet websites whether Arabic or English, I get shocked by the conflict of information, especially in some English well-trusted Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (this goes for different websites). There occurs some kind of injustice towards the Muslims' efforts, or Arabs' discoveries and inventions.

Isn't this considered as a kind of manipulation of facts? Particularly when we, Muslims and Arabs, have our own resources when it comes to our dear-beloved language or even history. The problem is that these references are being used as reliable resources by both Arabs and Non-Arabs, and here the misunderstanding occurs.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Freedom Of Speech Again!

Isn't this considered as Freedom of Speech? Or the West DOES have double standards?  


When it comes to the Muslim's anger against the movie mocking Prophet Mohammad, it is considered freedom of speech!But in case of this advertisement that is thought to be an imitation to Da Vinci's Last Supper, it is considered as an insult!

True Muslims believe in all Prophets Moses, Jesus & Mohammad. Hence,true Muslims will never mock or insult those prophets, or any other prophet, in any way!

So-called freedom of speech or expression causes nothing but hatred and grudge amongst people! Therefore, freedom of speech MUST be restricted! No-one can speak their minds whenever they want with whatever they want!

Freedom of speech involves speaking one's mind, with no consideration to the others feelings or respected figures!

If this is what freedom of speech is all about, guess what! I'm going to insult your mother, your father, maybe your whole family,because this is 'Freedom of Speech.' I may also spread lies about you and them!

There are red lines we MUST NOT cross over! If people want to maintain their good relations, there should be respect towards the others; especially when it comes to religious/ respected figures!