Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat?!

It's supposed to be a childish scary way of begging for candy and also a tradition to celebrate this particular holiday.Thye knock the doors of the neighbours' houses and "Trick-or-Treat" them, i.e. asking for candies.
Well, for us Muslims, we have the very same tradition, yet it occurs in the Holy Month of Ramadan where children stroll around the neighbourhood moving from one house to another for candy. This tradition is called (Gergai'an -قرقيعان OR Khesher- خشر). It is a friendly way to celebrate the coming of Ramadan.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Presidential Elections 2008

The Presidential Elections 2008 are still running between Obama and McCain. Who will win? God knows! But they sure reflect their future policies. Well, Obama walks gracefully while McCain looks awkwardly confused!
What the hell is he trying to do?!

A CBox...Finally!

Finally, I created a CBox...Just wish you all pay a visit and have a little chitchat together!
Definitely, I won't be online all the time, but I'll sure be checking every once in while.
I am looking forward to your postings and comments.
Thank you...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Revival Of The Past

Reliving memories with all happiness and misery touches the heart and soul. It is when life offers the opportunity of replaying the scenes that one has experienced through time. It can be for better or for worse. It is the times we long to revive the moments when we felt that the whole world is our own, and we were in control of our lives. It is when we knew what destination we were heading to. It is when we could find the peace of mind and soul. It is when our decisions were our own. It is when we were true to ourselves. It is when the scent of the past times recalls the presence of our souls. It is the truth about our being. It is when we have become what we are now. It is the part of our lives that would be engraved in the mind and soul of us. It is what we want to live now. It is what we repent what we could not use or make. It is the wasted times that we want to come back again. It is when we thought that chances only come once in a lifetime. It is the life that imposed itself upon us against our will but enjoyed every piece and bit of it although we never planned for, or want it to be this way. It is the memories we kept in our heads in hopes life grants us many chances to relive them over and over again.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm wondering about my life, whether the choices I have made are right or not. Sometimes, it seems that I have fooled myself with wrong decisions. Instead of being "just me" and choose the right path in life, I just did what other people want or expect me to do. I have not been myself anymore! Probably all I wanted was some attention or to show off what I’m capable of or I just wanted to prove that what is expected is true. I regret many decisions, and I always wished that there's a way to make things up. If I only could turn back time, I would make a lot of changes, and did what I really want to do. Alas! What’s done is done. Because honestly that person is not me. It is someone created by the society's predictions and anticipations. I had many choices. I could have been someone else doing something different from what I am now. All I have to do now is embracing my life as it is and try to make the right choices from now on. Maybe the only right thing I’ve been doing recently is trying to be honest with myself, and not convincing myself that what people expect is not necessarily is what I want. Not I’m trying to fix what has already been broken. It is more like just doing the right thing for me, and I wish it is not too late.

Friday, October 10, 2008


It's so hard to create a fake identity -fake name, fake life, fake interests - a complete different person. Yet, what is even harder is put up the real identity to the public. But, what is the real identity? Who is the real true self? How can it be shaped?

It is impossible to show the real identity to everyone for there isn't any. It is well-controlled by the society. Sometimes, the real identity has certain orientations and practices that do not go well with the society's in which a person lives. The society disapproves these orientations and practices, even if there's nothing wrong with them religion-wise, and even if the society feels inside that they are okay! Hence, the true self and the real identity disappears and the person becomes soulless, aimless and completely lost just searching for true self.

We sometimes create "a true self" which is actually fake, and we adopt it for some time for a specific reason and perhaps a specific audience. Yet, this "true self" soon becomes so boring and unappealing. Then the true "true self" is provoked to appear and dominates the fake "true self."

Then, a moment of truth comes, and the person finds out that not reflecting or not living, or even feeling, the fake "true self", even in a fake world like the cyber space for example, gives a hard time and soon they should return to their own old selves.

When finding the true "true self", peace of mind and self-confidence come along with it. For the person will be their own true selves and they don't have to fake anything anymore. A person can only reach this level of true-self recognition when reaching maturity.