Friday, February 27, 2009


Our judgment and assessment of things have been through a lot of changes. It is so weird that we used to view things with our emotions and preferences during adolescence disregarding religious and social values, and the consequences of our actions. Our judgment was based on self-fulfillment, pleasure, selfish achievements and interests, and definitely achieving popularity.

As grown-ups, it is completely different. The judgment and assessment of things are much aware of religious and social values, and most importantly, the awareness comes from the inside in most instances. It does not aim at achieving personal goals or popularity.It is much wiser and self-conscious of what should be said and done, not of what is liked or preferred.

That is why we feel in agony with ourselves in order to find what we really are, and at the same time not to be judged by the others and violate any religious or social rules. Should we express our inner thought, orientations, and tendencies? Or should we just follow what our values tell us to do?

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