Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Living Alone in Thoughts

What is life without feelings?
How is living without sensation?
Living in the physical/material world but actually lost in one's thoughts is a tragedy in the theater of comedy of life!


  1. Dear Inspired
    Our entire lives are a process of gathering the sensations necessary to come to feel the Creator. Therefore, resistance is useless. What we have to do is speed up the process. That is how everything will change. You will then acquire the same impressions, but without the suffering.
    We are just moving to make our life go on. The love of our friends ,partners , kids and parents charging our souls . I think not feeling emotions of surround is the death it,s self
    ...... Have a nice day

  2. Dear Friend قوس قزح

    It is also ironic! We are alive but not actually living. Life has become so materialistic that we cannot feel the joy of it.

    What's also ironic is that we actually speed up the process unconsciously. We lost sense of time; hence life! Which lead to not feeling the surroundings.

    It is tragically sad in this ironically contradicted world!