Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Blogging Anniversary!

One year has passed since this blog was created!
Time really flies!

A year ago this blog was named as "Thoughts Unedited"; for the writings I used to make did not go through editing process, which is untrue...

I always edit my writings, probably 10 times before submitting them! I am a big editing person!Especially on spelling and grammar whether in Arabic or in English! But not the thought itself! But I still edit! So thoughts unedited wasn't much of a suitable title for this blog.

Therefore, I picked up the name !Inspired" because it has a connection with my real name and real identity, and real thoughts as well!

"Inspired" sums it all!


  1. Oh , nice to have this celebration
    it,s your own world where you share your thoughts with others
    i think the name inspired is wonderful because it,s our first sight to your nice blg ,
    Well , please accept my deep wishes to you . and wana tell , more power , more success ,

    Have a great day
    May be you will find wrong gammer ,excuse ..

  2. Dear Sister :: Inspired ::
    Good Morning ..
    Congratulation ..
    Millions of congratulations ..

    I am too glad to hear this news ..

    I try to participate your happiness by making a design and link to your blog on my web.
    You can check it

    Congratulation again

  3. Ms.Inspired

    Congratulations to the first year

    I wish you happiness always

    With best wishes

  4. كل عام ومدونتك بخير

    تمنياتي لك بمزيد من التقدم والازدهار

    دمتي بخير

  5. Dear Inspired, I like you name ^^

    I like your plog too and Mabrook for the first year blogging, hopfully, you would continue blogging...
    I enjoy reading about your philosohpy.

    Best wishes for you and your interesting blog