Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweet November...

Looking through the window, just watching the rain drops, a feeling of nostalgia brushed my mind, reviving old memories from the ancient past! I missed playing and jumping under the gentle, soft rain drops falling from the silvery white clouds that occupied the dark velvet sky.
A rainy night that brought life, joy and blessings to everything in this universe!

O' sweet November!

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  1. DeaR SisteR :: Inspired ::
    Good Morning
    With rain it will be a Sweet November.
    You Write a sweet text.
    I hope it rains here in Saudi Arabia, Specially my city.
    It is really a gift from allah
    My best Wishes

  2. Thank you Mr.Qwiri for passing by! Everything about the rain is a bless! the smell, the sky, the trees...just standing there watching and cherishing every moment of it.