Tuesday, March 2, 2010


DUBAI 31/01/10 --07/02/10
It was my first time in Dubai. I was told that I would be so amazed by the revolutionary development represented in the mountain-high skyscrapers, technologically advanced gas stations, the luxurious restaurants, clean streets, well-illustrated roads, diverse nationalities and well-educated people. Yet, I was not so surprised. It was something I anticipated. The city has the utopia-tic criteria that made it one of the most visited and most desired places in the world, for its economic weight and strategic location on the shores of the Gulf.

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  1. Dubai
    If you are arabic visitor and also if you are one who periodic visiting europe and far asia countires you will be surprised when visiting Dubai for the first time . thats happened to me when i was at dubai at early twinties . The life style , respecting rules , cleaner , smell of new modern city make you feel that you are out of arab places . In dubai experience they use the money for collecting skills and beauty of others in one place .
    Inspired : thank you for putting spot on this city .

  2. Welcome RainBow, there are plans on visiting far Asia, Europe and other Gulf areas...
    But so far, Dubai seems different from any other place I've been to.
    Anyways, thank you for your comment.


  3. SisteR :: Inspired ::
    Assalamu Alaikum

    "Yet, I was not so surprised. It was something I anticipated."


    In fact, I didn't visit Dubai. But I liked Your sentence above.

    A nice picture

    Thank U

  4. Asslamu Aleikum,
    Dear friend محمد سعد القويري
    Thank you for passing by. But you need to visit Dubai. It is a city of multi-ethnicity and architecture development.
    The best time of the year is January and February if you want to enjoy the weather.