Monday, January 25, 2010

Oprah's Big Give

It is really surprising how media magnifies things, especially when an iconic TV figure is behind those actions. Oprah Winfrey's Big Give gained enormous popularity around America and here in the Middle East due to broadcasting the show on MBC 4. The idea is about giving money, which has to be a person's own money, to those who are in need in order to be paid back an even more amount of money!
Ironically this idea, which is thought to be new to the American public, is previously known here in our Islamic societies! It is also mentioned in our holy book, the Holy Qura'an! So the idea is not original and not so brand-new! It is what we refer to as "Zakat" -charity- in Islam.



  1. Sister :: Inspired ::

    Good Morning

    I want to thank u for this text.

    "is also mentioned in our holy book, the Holy Qura'an! So the idea is not original"

    Dear sister, Our Islam was and still great.

    Thank u again

    Have a nice day

  2. Dear Inspired
    Even we have the greatest relegion in the world , even we are praying 5 times a day but for sorrow we not apply what we had repeating in our prayers every day , What i mean is : our millionears listed on top of the most rich people on the world , they are expending their money on nonsens while 70% of arab world fall under poverty line .i not denyed some whom still giving but almost they are in need for help . they gave their share as real muslim.
    Great article ..
    Have a nice day