Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lifeless Entity

Losing one's soul is probably the most difficult thing that can ever happen. It is not death as we know it; when your soul leaves your body. It is when you lose the liveliness and joy of existence. It is when the dark shadows steal the light of life.


  1. My Sister :: Inspired

    I thank u for theses nice words

    "It is when the dark shadows steal the light of life."

    About that .. sometimes we see people with died souls. So the important thing is our soul and i think there is no matter for the body .

    thank U again ^_^

  2. I can totally relate to what you say

    The death you're talking about is when the essence of ones soul fades away.

    When we lose the very reason that makes us get up from our beds in the morning and join the pace of the world.

    It's the need to reach out for something or someone.

    When that essence, reason or need fades away, it's when everything anymore doesn't make sense and becomes just nonsense.

    did I get you right on that one?

    You may have a lifefull, joyfull and alwayes inspierd life!

  3. روعة :)

    عسى الله أن يبارك في أرواحنا ويديم علينا هذه الأحاسيس الرائعة التي تضفي إلى حياتنا طعما آخر..

    أعتقد أن العلاقة وثيقة بين القلب والروح..
    وفي الجانب الآخر.. تذكر أحد المقولات التي لها صلة بالموضوع:

    يا متعب الجسم كم تسعى لراحته
    أتعبت جسمك فيما فيه خسران
    أقبل على الروح واستكمل فضائلها
    فأنت بالروح لا بالجسم إنسان..

    فللأسف في هذا العصر بالتحديد.. انغمس العديد من الناس في الماديات وإهملوا أو بمعنى آخر نسوا أن يعتنوا بأهم ما يمتلكوه.. ألا وهي الروح..


  4. Dear friend Mohammad Qweary,
    Thank you so much for passing by.
    Some people are still alive with their souls although their bodies beneath the dirt.
    We still remember them; their deeds, their heritage they left behind before they actually died!
    Thanks again.

  5. BerryColor,
    Thank you for your inspiring and lively comment! You just got it right dear!
    Thank you also for your happy wish!
    Have a happy and inspired life as well dear!

  6. Yes Inspired
    It,s true
    when loss soul we loss all beauty and meaning of life , i had been experience this situation at one of my life stations , but is passed by ,. I saw people of died souls , you can see this in their eyes , but belive me they have hidden background of miserable events and really they in nedd for help..
    Inspired , it,s little tpoic but sure it touch the hot point
    Go a head and more power
    Wishes and Regards

  7. Yes, it is so true RainBow!
    The experiences a person goes through are the reasons of all miseries and losing the soul!

    It is hard when you lose the desire for life and turn to be someone with no goals, dreams, wishes or ambitions. At that point, life would have no meaning or significance!